First NPL GD&T course

20 / 06 / 2010

The first NPL GD&T course was held in the splendid setting of Bushy House in Teddington, where the National Physical Laboratory began over a hundred years ago. This is not far from Heathrow Airport, but you would never know it. Surrounded by the extensive grounds of Bushy Park, including cricket pitches, orchards and deer parks, we felt a bit like extras on a Jane Austin movie set.

This was one of the views from the museum room where the course was held. There are a herd of deer out there somewhere, but you can’t see them in this picture.


The museum room itself was full of old bits of measuring equipment mapping some of the history of NPL since 1900, although some of the equipment looked older.

We had a great mix of people on the course, including three from Scotland, three from Ireland, and one from the Isle of Wight. They represented an equally diverse range of industries, including aerospace, boat building and medical equipment.

Feedback from the course has been highly positive, and we hope to run the next one in August or September.

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