ISO TC 213 and ISO TC 10

09 / 11 / 2016

ISO Technical Committee TC 213 is the committee that deals with ISO standards for Geometrical Product Specification, including datums, geometrical tolerancing, surface texture and edge tolerances.

A full list of the standards published by ISO TC213 may be found here.

ISO Technical Committee TC 10 is the committee that deals with ISO standards for Technical Product Documentation, including dimensioning, drawing sheet requirements and 3D CAD specification requirements.

A full list standards published by ISO TC10 may be found here.

In the UK, the division of work between TC10 and TC213 seems an unnatural one.  Our BSI technical committee TDW/4 deals with this whole area, and standard from both TC10 and TC213 are covered by BS 8888.  The two technical committees’ do at least communicate and cooperate much more effectively than they used to.  Henrik Nielsen has worked hard to improve relations between the TCs to good effect in recent years, and the TC10/TC213 Joint Study Group allows for much closer collaboration.

TC213 has been run by Denmark since its inception in 1996.  From March 2017, the UK (BSI) are to take over the running of this committee.



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