New Courses

07 / 08 / 2010

It has been a busy summer so far.

We have developed and piloted a new Stress Analysis course, introducing the basic principles of stress analysis for calculations with calculators and spreadsheets. The idea has been to give engineers and designers the tools to carry out basic calculations for stress, strain and deflection in fairly straight-forward structures. This is really covering a lot of the same ground that engineering students cover at degree level, but compressed into three days, with a strong emphasis on practical application.

We had hoped to compress this into a two-day course, but that proved overambitious. We will be trialing the latest version of the course with the client who requested it within the next few weeks. Once all the creases have been ironed out, we will be publicising this with the other courses on our main web site.

When running the geometrical tolerancing course for one of our main aerospace clients, we frequently get questions and feedback comments about datums and tolerances applied to assemblies. There is not time to cover this adequately in the standard course, so we have proposed working with the client in questions to develop an advanced, follow-on geometrical tolerancing course. This new, advanced course would look in particular at assembly datum structures and assembly-level tolerances. If any other organisations out there (particularly aircraft manufacturers) would be interested in collaborating with us on the development of such a course, please get in touch.

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