Prague in September

30 / 10 / 2010

Painfully overdue for a post here, so here is a quick up-date, to be followed by something more detailed in due course.

The latest TC213 conference met in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, early in September.

Prague is a rather beautiful city. The old town has many famous landmarks, and it is clearly popular with tourists. The place was absolutely heaving, with large gaggles of people following tour guides wherever you went. Most of these groups were equipped with ear pieces, so they could hear the tour guide above the general din. Most of them also seemed to be following the lead of the guide in singing ‘Good King Wenceslas’, with varying degrees of tunefulness, as they marched around.

Tributes to Franz Kafka are also to be found throughout the city, such as the statue of The Man Who Wasn’t There (see left).

I like the name of this bar as well (see below).

This was a very brief visit on my part. I flew in on Wednesday evening, chaired a meeting on Thursday, and flew out again on Friday.

The hot topic of debate was the ‘invocation principle’ which has been proposed for a revised draft of ISO 8015. Quite what this is, I will explain in the next blog post. The American delegation is outraged by this, and circulated a letter listing their objections prior to this series of meetings. Some other nations are strongly in favour, and one German delegate in particular has been mounting a charm offensive to cultivate support. The UK delegation is strongly opposed to this new principle, supporting both the American objections, and a number of our own. Many national representatives are remarkably ambivalent over the whole issue, considering its potentially far reaching effects. As I say, more on this to follow …

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