BS 8888:2020

13 / 02 / 2020

The latest version of BS 8888 was published at the beginning of this year.

Changes/improvements include the following:-

  • The whole document has been reviewed with a view to simplifying and clarifiung the text, and some minor restructuring has taken place.
  • Section 5 on Dimensioning has been updated to ensure it aligns with the latest version of ISO 129-1:2019.
  • Section 7 on Geometrical Specifications has been completely rewritten and extended to bring it in alignment with ISO 1101:2017.  New material on the Maximum Material Requirement and the Least Material Requirement has been added.  Changes in ISO 1660:2017, allowing Profile tolerances to be applied to centrelines and centreplanes, have also been covered.
  • A new Section 8 covers Additional Indications for geometrical tolerances, including the ‘all-around’ and ‘all-over’ symbols, the ‘between’ symbols, ‘UF’ (united feature), along with the new modifiers used for creating patterns, CZ, CZR and SIM.  Examples have been incorporated to illustrate how nexted patterns can be created.  Finally, there is also coverage of the new plane and feature indicators that you may have seen creeping into your CAD software, ‘intersection plane indicators’, ‘orientation plane indicators’, ‘collection plane indicators’ and ‘direction features’.
  • Section 9 is also new, giving a brief introduction to statistical tolerancing.
  • Edge tolerances now get their own section (10) instead of being included in the dimensioning section where they didn’t really belong.
  • A substantial new Section 11 on Welding Symbols is also new.
  • Section 12 on Surface Texture has also been updated to cover ‘areal’ as well as ‘profile’ surface texture, and to give you a heads-up on the new generation of standards which will be replacing ISO 1302.

This is the best version of BS 8888 so far.  The technical committee TPR/1/8 at BSI now plan to slow down the revision frequency of this document to 5 years, so the next revision is planned for 2025, and the one after that for 2030.  A principal focus for the next revision will be 3D specification (PMI or MBD).  As always, the technical committee welcomes feedback and (polite) suggestions.

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