GPS Pocket Book (2nd ed.)

Iain Macleod Associates are the UK distributor of the GPS Pocket Guide, now in its second edition, which has been written by two experts in this field, Dr Per Bennich and Dr Henrik Nielsen.

The Pocket Book (A6 size, 36 pages) contains a summary of the rules and a brief description of each tolerancing symbol. The book is available in the following languages:

* English
* Chinese (Mandarin)
* German
* Spanish
* Swedish

The rules and symbols are on the same page in each language version, to facilitate communications between Pocket Book users.

The GPS Pocketbook covers:

  • Fundamental and Global GPS Rules
  • Tolerancing by Dimensions
  • Datums and Datum Systems
  • Theoretically Exact Dimensions
  • Geometrical Tolerancing:
    • Straightness
    • Flatness
    • Roundness
    • Cylindricity
    • Form of a Line
    • Form of a Surface
    • Perpendicularity
    • Angularity
    • Parallelism
    • Position
    • Concentricity/Coaxiality
    • Symmetry
    • Circular Runout
    • Total Runout
  • Maximum Material Requirement
  • Tolerancing of Non-rigid Work Pieces
  • Projected Tolerance Zone
  • Tolerancing of Surface Texture
  • Tolerancing of Surface Imperfections
  • Tolerancing of Edges
  • General Tolerances

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