ISO GPS framed font for producing geometrical tolerances and other ISO GPS specifications in different documents types such as CAD, word processor documents, spreadsheets or slideshow presentations.

  • Full set of symbols and modifiers from ISO 1101:2017, ISO 1660:2017 and ISO 17863:2013.
  • Includes recently added symbols such intersection plane indicators and collection plane indicators.
  • Fully compliant with ISO 3098 series and ISO 7083.
  • Use this in conjunction with the IMA ISO GPS No Frame font to cover all ISO GPS specification indications.

Single user licence is provided with this font. Contact Iain Macleod Associates Ltd ( for multiuser licences, site-licences or corporate licences.

Designers: Iain Macleod
Publisher: Iain Macleod Associates Ltd
MyFonts debut: Dec 25, 2020

£19.99 + VAT.

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