ISO standards

ISO Standards for Technical Product Specification

BS 308-1:1993, BS 308-2: 1985, and BS308-3:1990 were withdrawn in 2000, and replaced with BS 8888 as the British Standard covering engineering drawing and technical product documentation.

This marks the end of an independent British Standard to cover engineering drawing and documentation, and the adoption in full of ISO standards which are used throughout Europe. As such, BS 8888 does not itself document the principles, practices and procedures to be used in engineering documentation, but instead provides references to the relevant ISO standards that now apply.

Since BS 308 was superceded by BS 8888, and the ISO standards for technical drawing were adopted in full, the number of standards covering technical drawing has expanded to around 200 ISO and EN ISO implementations.

The main standards concerned with geometrical tolerancing are the following:-

BS ISO 1101:2004

Technical Drawings – Geometrical Tolerancing – Tolerance of form, orientation, location and run-out – Generalities, definitions, symbols, indications on drawings.

BS EN ISO 1660: 1996 (BS 308: Section 2.3: 1996)

Technical Drawings – Dimensioning and tolerancing of profiles.

BS ISO 2692:2006

Technical drawings – Geometrical tolerancing – Maximum material principle

BS EN ISO 5458:1999

Geometrical Product Specification (GPS) – Geometrical tolerancing – Positional tolerancing.

BS ISO 5459:1981

Technical drawings – Geometrical tolerancing – Datums and datum-systems for geometrical tolerances.

ISO 8015

The Principle of Independency and the Envelope Requirement.

BS ISO 10578:1992

Technical drawings – Tolerancing of orientation and location – Projected tolerance zone.

BS EN 22768-2:1993* ISO 2768-2:1989*

General tolerances
Part 2. Geometrical tolerances for features without individual tolerance indications.*

*we strongly recommend avoiding the use of this standard